05 February 2013

The Decline of the Olympians

With all of the 'new' Tridents coming back to Plymouth recently it is inevitable that the Olympian fleet is going to be reduced. It seems that 34619 is one of those on the “withdrawn line” at The Ride at the moment along with 34628 at least.

First 34619 K619LAE 22 February 2011

Its as hard to imagine Plymouth without Olympians as it was with the Bristol VRT. There are one or two still out and about I believe although I have not seen one myself for a week at least. My usual morning run to work can see up to 5 First DDs: two 15’s, two Tavistocks and an 807 school run. Until very recently at least one Olympian was almost guaranteed…

Of course now I have made this statement I know I am almost guaranteed to see several this week!

Who will be the first to loose the step entrance DDs from Plymouth – First or Citybus?

Plymothian Transit Recommends

  • The estates at Winyates and Matchborough provide a fine example of design to favour buses. Each has a network of cul-de-sac roads and running through the middle are Winyates Way and Matchborough Way. Public Transport Experience
  • Back in the day, when operators used to try to persuade us to “avoid rush hour travel” (itself somewhat foot shooting), tickets were referred to by operators and passengers alike by “class”. The day ticket didn’t have or need a swanky title. It was a “day ticket”. Omnibuses


  1. Of course there will still be the ex dublin examples with Target, or dont they count?

    1. yes - keep forgetting them! Just missed out on catching one home this afternoon.

    2. I forgot about those too! How many step entrance deckers do First still have?

  2. The last Dublin rv-olympians have just been withdrawn across the pond. Rumour has it some are going for scrap as no-one wants them. Could be some cheap deckers available if Target Travel wanted more!.

    1. Considering that they can't be used on local bus services after Dec 2016 they'd have a limited shelf life so probably wouldn't be worth buying.


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