02 June 2012

Its like Deja Vu all over again

Having simplified its fare structure earlier this year by having just the two main fares Citybus have a new promotion on for the summer which introduces a new fare – always welcome when its a lower one…

From Sunday 3rd June until Sunday 2nd September we will be running a Summer Fare promotion, called 'The Great British Summer Fare'.

During this period you will be able to purchase a single ticket for £1 from Milehouse, Astor Field, Union Street Brewery Tap, Millbay Road Caroline Place, Mutley Plain and Ebrington Street into the City Centre and vice versa.

The service 25 Mayflower Street loop will also be £1.

Its always good to see a fares promotion like this but I cant help feeling it would have been nice just to reduce the £1.50 short hop to £1 for the period that way more people would benefit, but still, its a welcome move.


With all the uncertainty surrounding First at the moment Citybus remind us that they are still in competition with First and twist the knife a bit with a couple of special fares on the 26:

From the 3rd June there will also be changes to Service 26 fares between the following points.
Barne Barton and St Budeaux Square £1.
Barne Barton and city centre £1.50.
Union Street Brewery Tap and city centre £1.

It doesn't seem that long ago that Citybus were openly for sale and First were introducing new routes and fares across Plymouth on the more popular Citybus routes. That was a worrying time for Citybus staff, just as it is now for First staff.


  1. Agree with you there Graham, it would certainly be most welcome if all short hop singles were £1, but it's still a good offer; if you think about how many people board services to the City Centre from Mutley Plain in a day, it's usually at least 3 people per bus, so they probably (and rightfully) think it's a good enough offter, as it will benefit a lot of people.

  2. Still works out £2 return for short hop though, a lot more than the rivals at First... I wonder if thwey have been losing customers To First on these type journeys ??? I bet you wont see any offers just more price increases if First are not around next year or so to provide compettion ???

  3. Citybus have lost a small amount of passengers on small journeys, but have gained from increased journeys.

    43A has been a lot busy and has better loads than the 1A on "MOST" occasions, it's the same for some of the Derriford - City Center 42's etc.

    Think you will probably see this as a fixed price shortly...

  4. First are not always as cheap as you make out. I think they target their fares a lot better than Citybus who charge pretty much the same fare structure across their network, apart from promotions. I have a bus pass so dont normally pay on the bus but when I take my son, the fare into town on a 15 is quite a bit more than Citybus charge. Maybe its just the shorter journies that First are cheaper on?

  5. Its £3.00 return with Citybus from Saltash to town, £3.40 with First. £2.00 sinle with Citybus, £3.25 with First. Absolute rip off in my opinion.

  6. Depends were you travel tho.. My place to city, Citybus £3 return, First £2.70 Mine to Mutley, Citybus £3 return, First £2.30!!!
    Re Saltash Citybus services seem to be getting less and less though hence why they may seem busier. Citybus every 30 mins from Fore Street, First every 10 mins. No service at all from Citybus after 6pm or Sundays, First every 30 mins...so perhaps they are worth paying more for.. If you want to get home!!!!

  7. A return into town from Tavistock on the Tavy Linx monopoly is a crippling £6.35!

    The 83/4/6 corridor appears to be First's golden goose in Plymouth. Imagine the sparks that would fly if Citybus decides to join in the fun..


  9. Citybus have tried and failed on Tavi route before. They wouldn't compete with First on this route.. as I suspect that there would be some form of retaliation from First if they did... Perhaps to Whitleigh or something. I think Go ahead know that the situ as it is, is the best they can get and if First sold out to the likes of stagecoach then there would be more competition for them...they are better off with what they have got!!!

  10. Citybus operate two private School Contract buses to Tavistock (127 and 128). These are services which I believe are arranged by parents and aren't available to the general public (I think). You have to phone up and 'book'/apply for a seat, and pay for a pass which is about £600 odd quid a year, for ONE pass! I don't think you can use it on normal services either.

    If you forget your pass in the morning, it's £6! Forget it in the afternoon, you give your driver your name, and they'll take you home for free. I mentioned this on a previous post with a link to an interesting 'thisisplymouth' story about the 127 in particular.

    £6.35 return from Tavistock to Plymouth makes the £6 single from Citybus look good value; truth is, both are hugely overpriced in my opinion.

  11. Thing is Citybus charge £3 return from the likes Of Mannamead to Citycentre...so whilst it is expensive, First £6.35 return from Tavistock in my opinion seems quite cheap in comparison.... anyone thinking Citybus would offer a cheaper alternative from Tavi to Plymouth can think again... they are not cheap anymore following a succession of price rises from Go Ahead, 4 in the past 12 months to Firsts 1 !!!

  12. I admit that I'm very much in favour for Citybus, haven't taken a First bus in 3 years, but £3 return from Mannanmead is very steep!

    What is a First single from City Center to Union Street (Brewery Tap)?

    First seem cheaper in the short run, but more expensive in the long run, where-as Citybus seem cheaper in the long run but more expensive in the short run now?

  13. ^ That last sentence sums it up perfectly.

    Citybus really do need to look at short hops; how is Marsh Mills to Asda a 'short hop', and Woodford (in Plympton) to Steer Park/Chaddlewood not?

  14. Stonehouse brewery to citycente was about 95p on First I think, it may have gone up 10p or so now though, perhaps £1.10 max i would think!!!

    I think it depends where you travel from, where I live by Crownhill, First seem cheaper on all fares...short or long!! In the main I think whichever the original operator in an area was are generally most expensive now!!!


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