03 June 2012

Its like Deja Vu all over again, again

First Western National 4521 R164TLM
August 2007
P1100582 P1100584
June 2012

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  • As I was sheltering from the rain in Gorleston High Street this afternoon one of the recent arrivals in the Anglianbus fleet stopped on the opposite side of the road. East Norfolk Bus Blog
  • Apparently folks whose of idea of tram driving is trundling along about a mile of nice level track at Crich get a suprise when they do the Isle of Man. You are let loose on the real system between Laxey and Ramsey with gradients, dodgy track joints and bends, crossing roads and trying not to run over the local sheep and goats who have decided to take a walk along the track. Great fun. Public Transport Experience


  1. This bus is pretty common on the Ugobus 5 to Mount Gould.

  2. Are we likely to see an influx of this kind of crap to cover for the P&R while the olympics is going on?

    They never seem to have all that many vehicles spare at the ride during peak times.

  3. As long as we get our newer buses back afterwards it is not so bad I suppose. First have won the contract for all the Olypics transport so I am sure they are going to be 'strapped' for buses a bit!!!

  4. If First have won the contract for all Olympics transport how come so many Stagecoach drivers from Devon are going up to London to drive?

    BTW the red First bus with the side door was on Dartmouth locals earlier in the week

  5. First have won the main contract for passenger transport and have their buses in full First livery. There are plenty of other contracts with Stagecoach and GoAhead supplying plenty of buses which will all be anonymous with fleet names removed!

    I think there are two red Darts at the moment one in Dartmouth the other here in Plymouth where it does seem to be settled on the 5

  6. As I see it, First have the passenger transport. Stagecoach have the media and athletes, Go-Ahead have won various Olympic tenders in London and also have the Heathrow - Weymouth shuttle coach service.

  7. First are indeed running the Park and Ride shuttles. The Games Family services for media and athletes have been contracted to a large number of operators by LOCOG, but Stagecoach has the role of lead operator and will be running the three temporary bus depots being set up in East London. The First operation is completely separate from this.

  8. Do we have a date that the vehicles will leave Plymouth, or will they just dissapear one night never to be seen again?


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