01 June 2012

Business as usual

VOSA 29 May 2012

  • PH0004983/336 - Variation Accepted: Operating between Plymouth Royal Parade and Barne Barton given service number 3 effective from 22-Jul-2012. To amend Timetable.
  • PH0004983/337 - Variation Accepted: Operating between Plymouth Royal Parade and Mount Batten given service number 2 effective from 22-Jul-2012. To amend Timetable.

After the massive list from Citybus, First have just these two entries on VOSA for what look like simple timetable changes rather than anything else.

First 33173 LR02LYS
While I am here... Rumours of First selling part or all of the Devon & Cornwall operation have been around for years. This year First have already sold the North Devon operations and First Group have gone on record as saying they are looking to make more sales across the country.

The last couple of days have seen new rumours of a sale with news being announced that Go Ahead Plymouth City have purchased the Plymouth operation. This is not the case.

I am not saying it wont happen (although I cant see them being allowed to) and First Group would certainly look at any offers to buy the company or parts of it if there are any on the table. I am just saying to be fair to all the staff its better to wait for any official announcement of any sale or otherwise.

If and when that happens it will of course appear here…


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  1. for us drivers, it's a stressfull time, with a uncertain future, all the good buses gone, old stock appearing and no-one saying whats happening.

  2. It must be awful working at First D&C at the moment with all these rumours lying around constantly. I for one hope they are not true and to be honest can not see how a sale to Plymouth Citybus/Go Ahead will get past the OFT. If First were to sell I would imagine there would be 2 interested parties that of Citybus/Go Ahead or Stagecoach SW to move westwards from their North and East Devon/Torbay operations. Stagecoach probably would not have the problem with OFT though!!!

    It is a bit odd tjough how we seem to be getting old buses again, rumours of the new P&R buses not returning after Olympics and no new livery yet at all.. If they do sell I hope it's to Stagecoach as I think that is best and will protect jobs!!

  3. Stagecoach aren't interested in their Plymouth operation. I can guarantee you that.

  4. On a plus side for FDC a report I read that said they look to dispose 10% of their Uk bus decision in 2012 highlighted North England/Scotland as difficult trading areas, no mention of Plymouth or Cornwall. Maybe by selling North Devon and expanding in Cornwall they think they can make a go of Devon and Cornwall ?? I can't see why Stagecoach would not be interested though !! If they are not ointerested I can't see First having anyone to sell to even if they wanted to??

  5. people seem to forget plymouth citybus is a small operation compared to first DEVON AND CORNWALL, so i don't think the oft would have any problems with Go-Ahead taking over them

  6. Yes but that would mean that Go ahead would have 99% of the market in Plymouth with NO real competition which would leave them free to do what the want...price rises/route cuts etc


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