26 April 2012

Incoming Excel

One of the more unusual buses in Plymouth at the moment is this Optare Excel which has been transferred down from Scotland having originated with Hutchisons of Overtown. I have always liked the look of these buses but have yet to ride on this one. Makes a nice change to the usual Darts and Volvo B6BLEs!
First 6249 W49WDS

Sorry - link to other sites to appear tomorrow - its getting late!


  1. Graham, apparently there is a couple of these in plymouth at the moment.

    Also, on your fleet list, the repainted 08 plate enviro is 142 not 140.

  2. Thanks!

    I am hoping to get some more photos soon - thanks for correction re 142

  3. I saw an 08-reg Enviro on Sunday which had been repainted and I'm almost certain it was 142. The front of 408 (with the Fireworks ad) has been repainted into the 'new' livery.
    I still think the new livery suits the single-deckers better than the double-deckers, I'll be interested to see what it looks like on the East-Lancs B7s though. There was a Plaxton President on the 22 on Wednesday which surprised me to say the least!

  4. Perhaps more people will be using these First buses in Plymouth soon, See ThisisPlymouth... Citybus to increase fares AGAIN in next 3 months ??? What do you think this will entail???

  5. if u bothered to read that article properly it is not citybus that is reviewing its fares, its go ahead as a whole.


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