25 April 2012

Millbay Development

A preferred bidder for developing the Plymouth Pavilions site and providing a new ice rink has been agreed by the City Council’s Cabinet today.

FDL will refurbish the existing arena at the Pavilions site, re-cladding the building, creating a new entrance foyer, additional backstage and support spaces, upgrade the lighting and acoustics and increase its capacity.

The plans will regenerate the existing Pavilions site, providing quality residential and retail development and creating a link between Millbay and the city centre supporting the regeneration in the West End of the City Centre.

“An improved and more flexible arena will attract new events and visitors to the city while a bigger and better ice rink will support the huge interest in all types of skating in region, including ice hockey.

This is Plymouth

The Plymouth Pavillions site was of course the old Millbay Station. This wonderful map from 1860 shows the line into Mliibay when it was the main station for Plymouth.

Old Map of the Three Towns 1860
Brian Aitkenhead Flickr Collection:

“”i love this old map of Plymouth, Stonehouse and Devonport, you can see how each has developed, things have changed so much in the 100-150 years, look at Millbay, its much smaller nowadays, Stonehouse (Mill Lake) creek is so different today and the old railway lines are the most obvious differences, but the old Devonport Dockyard wall is a fantastic item that does not exist today as well! this map is before the line to Devonport Kings road and Ocean Quay was built”




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