23 April 2012

The family expands again


23 April 2012

The Go-Ahead Group is pleased to announce the acquisition of Anglian Buses.

The company is based in Beccles, Suffolk and operates 71 buses. The business runs services from the Suffolk coast to, from and within Norwich, as well as in Yarmouth, Lowestoft and on the Suffolk coastal strip down to Ipswich.

The business has two depots, in Beccles and Rackheath, and 133 staff including 100 bus drivers. It operates a mix of commercial routes and school and local bus contracts.

The business was established in 1981 by David and Christine Pursey, both of whom will now  retire. Andrew Pursey will stay with the business and become Managing Director. The company name and brand will remain in place.

David Brown, Group Chief Executive of Go-Ahead said:"Anglian Buses fits well with our strategy of acquiring well-managed businesses which have the potential for growth and further development. We look forward to building on the success already achieved by the Pursey family and the Anglian Bus team."

Go Ahead Group

Anglian Bus MX60BWJ Creative Commons licensed flickr photo shared by Stevens Transport Pictures


  1. Let's hope we don't get any of those Wright Streetlites! In a few years time GA could see them as 'easy' replacements for the X-reg MPDs. Speaking of that, are we not due 3 replacements for the Oxford dual-door darts? AFAIK this is what happened with the new buses:
    New B7RLEs onto the 43 and 43A.
    Citaros from the 43 onto the 8 and 9.
    Enviros/B7TLs from the 43A…? Enviros seem to be more frequent on the 40/41 now, though Citaros on the 44 aren’t uncommon at the moment either.
    Darts from the 8 and 9 onto mainly the 42, but also 1 of them onto the 40/41/44.
    Darts from the 42 onto the 16.
    Deckers from the 16…?
    Enviros from the 5/A onto the 29/43B.
    Alexander Dennis Darts from the 29/43B onto the 5/5A.

    So, it seems the deckers from the 16 and 43A are sitting at Milehouse unused, unless two of them are replacements for 183 and 188. Or all 3 are unused and could be ‘swapped’ for 3 single-deckers to replace 214/5/6?

    Next year will probably see off the R/S-reg Darts, replaced by more B7RLEs, though that's an entirely different story!

  2. The deckers where not on the 43A all the time, on Saturdays which ofcourse have been replaced by the new Wrights.

    Deckers are still on the 34, no-doubt if the Deckers where taken of the 26 it would be on time!

  3. Should've put that! The 42 uses the double decks on Saturdays which have been used on the school buses during the week. The 34 at peak-hours though are very well used; same with the 26, I see good loads of people on those.
    Are the new buses still on the 43A on Saturdays then?

  4. i did see 102 on a 50 last night

  5. yes some of the new b7's are on southways and 50's either early morning or on evening shifts. depends on the duty. nxt march we are getting another 10 b7rle's to oust the remaining r reg darts which dont have the pull out ramp. the following mar (2014) we are getting 10 more b7 rle's

  6. Not expecting any more buses to replace the dual door Darts. The new Volvos have not replaced all the N reg Darts as three remain in service being kept in preference to the dualdoor buses.


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