23 April 2012


Plymouth City Council have purchased a new fleet of Dennis Elite waste trucks:
Plymouth City Council VU12HLG

I cant really et this opportunity go by without highlighting this shot of my sons Lego work If only because it features in his new blog: Zak Lego Etc.

[A Dads go to do what a Dads got to do!]

Dustbin Lorry

In the News

  • Stagecoach has extended its megabus.com operation to mainland Europe, providing what group chief executive Brian Souter describes as “a long-overdue shake-up to the over-priced European coach travel market.” Bus and Coach

Elsewhere on the net

  • The news that a Magicbus service is soon to start in South Yorkshire has prompted fbb to look at this "low cost" brand, brought to us by Stagecoach and currently a major player along the Wilmslow Road. Public Transport Experience
  • Whether you are employed in the industry or not, whether enthusiast or spotter, there’s always been something slightly different about Gosport & Fareham. Here, we consider why. Omnibuses
  • When researching for Pont Hafren blogs (etc.) fbb assumed wrongly, that "Old Passage" referred to the now demised ferry crossing from Aust to Beachley; a passage that had become "old" with the building of the Severn Bridge. Public Transport Experience
  • Just days before the launch of the innovative Gosport to Fareham busway, the local south Hampshire press has latched on its purported longer journey times. So, rather than trumpet the launch of the service or push its many benefits, instead it dwells on the negative. Omnibuses
  • Several Bristol VRTs have been owned by myself over the past seven years. TGP
  • Puzzling Passage near Pilning [2] The old "New Passage" has a new purpose. Public Transport Experience
  • By the time my spies arrived at Gosport & Fareham yesterday, the light had already begun to fade. They nevertheless managed a number of images that we can bring you, ahead of today’s launch Omnibuses
  • This week's Sunday Lost Scenes focuses on some of the routes operated from Hoeford depot that will never run again?... Southern England Bus Scene
  • It's been 15 years since the first Volvo B6LE was introduced as a low floor bus onto service 12 in Torbay. 701 (P701 BTA) was one of those, and has been withdrawn from public service since 2011.This week marks its 15th year since entering service in 1997, and to celebrate, she was taken out on the 12 route from Newton Abbot to Brixham and back. Torbay Bus Routes

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