02 February 2012

People have to pay to catch the bus–shock horror!

Poor Plymouth Citybus. This week sees yet another ‘non story’ being blown up in the local press:

A GROUP of angry parents have formed a pressure group after Citybus charged their children £6 each to get to school for forgetting their pre-paid bus passes – and then refused to refund the money. Jane Scott, from Crapstone, and a number of other parents in the village are busy getting people to sign a petition in a bid to get Citybus to change its policy on refunding charges incurred when school children forget their pre-paid bus passes.

“I wasn’t annoyed that she had to pay – I understand their no pass, no travel policy completely, but what I fail to see is why they have refused me a refund when in effect I have already paid for the trip.

She is now questioning the legalities behind being made to pay twice for the same journey and has contacted Trading Standards. She said: “I can’t believe how awful Citybus are being – I’m not sure it’s even legal. “I have formed this pressure group to tackle the problem head-on. We need to get this sorted – it’s not fair.

Peter Oliver, commercial manager at the bus company, said: “We carry a large number of customers every day and we have never had to even address this issue in the past because it has never been a problem.

“It’s a simple policy – if you forget your pre-paid pass, then you have to pay – people accept that and it’s the same on every mode of transport.

Full story This is Plymouth

I have a bus pass myself which means I have pre paid my bus fares. However, if I loose or forget my pass I have to pay on the bus. Its annoying to myself but its just the way it is. Its never occurred to me to try and get the fares back. I am not sure it would even be possible to administer even if the company were happy to oblige. Even if i can prove I had a valid pass for a journey which I had to pay for, how to I prove that I actually made that journey?

The “I’m not sure its even legal” comment is my favourite!

Plymouth Citybus 186 F603GVO

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  • However, although the buses themselves were light enough to traverse the bridge, they were only allowed to do so if the vehicle was empty, thus, passengers had to alight and proceed across the bridge on foot, re-joining the bus the other side! Public Transport Experience

      1. too right no pass no free ride,its amazing to me that you parents dont get it.
        you wouldnt expect to let your kids into a taxi without pre or paying why should buses have too ,i totally agree with the charges ,
        your kids need to be more organised in the mornings.

      2. No Pass, No Travel. Thats It.

        The £6 was paid, and the Service Vended. A 'Refund' is Totally Unsuitable.

        Said Parents need to take Responsibility for the their Children's Misdeeds.

      3. beyond belief the Herald even publishes this rubbish, guess it was a quiet news day!

      4. Don't look to Citybus for a refund - deduction from pocket money should mean fewer forgotten passes!

      5. I have just read this article and couldn’t help but laugh. In 2006 I Worked for a bus company and if the children didn’t have a pass it was company policy that they pay full price (they can’t prove they are eligible for travel without the pass), good on City bus for charging them full price.


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