01 February 2012

Enviro refreshed

All the original batch of Enviros are now in the new livery. I managed to catch 134 and 135 on camera yesterday. It does seem that repaints have speeded up a bit now. These do look good in this livery... Plymouth Citybus 134 WA56HHP Plymouth Citybus 135 WA56HHN

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  1. I saw the Enviro on the 5A yesterday afternoon in the new livery and it certainly looked smart and impressive. When the new liveries for both Citybus and coach were first announced, for some reason I preferred the existing liveries. I have since realised that under the GoAhead Group both are receiving a refreshed public image and this is actually for the good of both companies.

  2. Shame the interior hasn't been done, it still says route 34 on the front step

  3. Agree Rob, Interior Is Rubbish, Not Even Bothered To Give It A Good Deep Clean To Give The Impression Its "New"

  4. PCB are not 'going' the Extra Mile with Interiors on Anything!!

    Poor Show.

  5. On another note, there are some old Citybus buses being taken to Xela Bus in Southampton this weekend.

  6. The interiors of some of the buses are dreadfull, they are dirty and generally unclean. The cleaners simply remove rubbish but if you look behind the front doors, you can see a pile of dirt in each corner.

    A bit of attention inside would go along way with me and other passengers too.


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