31 January 2012

Time to Jackett In

It was a brave experiment by new a brand new operator but today (Tuesday 31st January) is the last day of Jacketts Coaches X5 service. "It is with regret that we forced to announce the withdrawal of the X5 Plymouth – Truro service and that the last day of running will be Tuesday 31st January 2012 Though this has been a very popular route, it has never generated enough revenue to match its running costs and with up coming changes to the Concessionary fare scheme and the reduction in the amount we will be paid for accepting these passes has meant that it is no longer viable to continue this service."

It was already reduced to two days a week instead of the daily service.

Sadly I never did get round to trying this service myself – and now its too late. Whether you think it was a foolhardy move to introduce this service, the operator has to be applauded for at least giving it a go. With the massive cuts planned by Cornwall County Council I fear it will be a long time before we see another attempt to improve the Plymouth – Cornwall bus links again.


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  1. According to Cornwall Council they are going to maintain all existing supported bus services for the next two years at least, and the planned cuts will not take place. This is all on their website.

  2. Thanks for that Steve - I will have a closer look at this shortly!


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