30 January 2012


It didnt take long for complaints to hit the press about the forthcoming changes in Plympton.

PLYMPTON residents have expressed their worry and anger at the imminent changes to three bus routes in the area. Julie and Stephen Williamson from Chaddlewood are concerned as Stephen is disabled and say that the extra walk to another bus stop is not manageable.

Stephen said: "I feel like we're being victimised, if it's a 10 minute walk to a bus stop and you can't make that walk then what's the answer? "It's a no win situation all the time and I believe we're being victimised because we have disabilities."

On the Citybus website it states: "The reality is that one third of all customers using the service are in possession of the free travel pass which in turn severely restricts the overall income potential of the service."

Julie said: "I would like to say that I feel that using the number of free bus passes as part of the reason for reducing the service, to be insulting.

Full story on This is Plymouth

I can understand their annoyance at loosing the 10 min service but at least they are still getting a regular bus service. Many areas of Plymouth would be more than happy to get the same level of bus service that the 21 gets.

Plymouth Citybus 092 WA56OZS

The 21 to Steer Park last week - but not for much longer,,,

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  1. It's noticeable that the Herald conveniently fails to tell us what stop the complaint is about. It can't be Steer Park as that is still served by the 20. Citybus are right to mention the concessioanry reimbursement. If the money they receive for carrying concessions does not cover cost at least they are being honest about it. I found their website news item about the Plympton changes to be refreshingly honest. Some people may not like the changes but at least they appear to be getting the true reasons for it.

  2. Agreed. I'm the one who posted as cmdr_shepard on that article, and it's pretty convenient how they don't mention how Steer Park service is being covered by the 20. Also pretty convenient how he was so quick to call the "victim" card to try and drum up some faux outrage.

    Never let the facts get in the good way of a story, eh?

    @Anonymous - That's definitely Steer Park, I remember it from when I used to work for a certain Plympton call centre.


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