04 February 2012

Life after Plymouth: R309STA

It hasn't taken Southern Vectis long to repaint former Citycoach R309STA into its smart Moss livery. Of course if it had stayed in Plymouth it would eventually end up looking not too dissimilar - and equally smart.
ex Plymouth Citycoach R309STA
©Nigel Harris
"Looking very smart in full Go South Coast, Moss livery, 7009 (R309STA) now with all transfers added and most parts refitted (except Wipers) inside the paint shop at Nelson Road, Newport on 1 February 2012."
Thanks to Nigel for permission to use his photos. Pop across to his Flickr site to see a lot more Southern Vectis including a nice shot  of R309STA reunited with sister N307UTT

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      1. Pcb 315 has just been repainted and should be out and about in a few days.


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