04 January 2012

Life after Plymouth

A former Citybus open top Leyland Atlantean STK130T is currently being advertised for sale for £5000


Link: http://www.usedcoachsales.co.uk/coach.ihtml?coach=995

Meanwhile another coach has left the Plymouth Citycoach fleet to join Southern Vectis:

Plymouth Citybus 309 JSK263

It is still in full red and white Citycoach livery and now carries its original registration R309STA so presumably JSK263 will soon reappear on one of the remaining coaches WA03MGE or WA03MGJ.

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  1. Is it £5000 for the 2 Atlanteans or £5000 each?

  2. mike hudson PCTPG4 January 2012 at 21:43

    £2,500 plus vat each. the other open topper is an ex nottingham atlantean

  3. Ex Plymouth Citybus 309 R309STA is still in former Citybus livery. It now is number 7009 here on the island.

    I will keep you informed with photos on my flickrstream.




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