06 February 2012


Finally managed to catch 85 in the new livery:
Plymouth Citybus 085 WJ55HLO

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  • fbb thought the problem was with TSY's very expensive software system. It's officially called "Data Adjustment For Timetables" but is better known by its four letter acronym. Public Transport Experience
  • The first thing I was keen to tick off was Torpoint's latest addition, this being Volvo Olympian P568 EFL. PTOTPA
  • So it's nothing to do with the fact that it never really worked, and York City didn't like it after all, and many of the promised bus priority measures never materialised? Nothing to do with that at all! Public Transport Experience
  • It doesn’t happen often but it does happen: local councils proposing to buy their own fleets in order to compete against what they perceive to be a poorly performing incumbent commercial operation Omnibuses
  • For a few years, Thompson's Coaches operated a Tuesday and Saturday only route 238 between Salisbury and Bournemouth, via Christchurch, Ringwood and Fordingbridge. Southern England Bus Scene
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