07 October 2005

More buses coming to Plymouth

There was a posting on one of the Yahoo bus groups that states that 7 Plymouth Citybus Citaros are now ready and waiting to come to Plymouth. They are currently at Evobus.
WJ55HLO is one of them - the others were unregistered.
They are to be fleet numbers 80-87 and registrations WJ55HLG/H/K/M/N/O/P/R. due to enter service in November 2005. Still not sure what they will be running on.

Nick Rice reports seeing another Dart M946SRE (40292) in service in Plymouth today which looks like another second-hand addition to the fleet - unless its another loan that is?

Two more Olympians which have joined FDC and have passed through the Plymouth depot are H129/39FLX (34329/39) which have now been posted to Cornwall. Lets just hope that some more come down to Plymouth as some stage. we do need more double deckers.

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