04 February 2011

A quiet month

Just running through my monthly catch up on VOSA and it has to be said that January has been the quietest month ever since I started monitoring the service. There has only been one variation registered in Plymouth:
Variation Accepted by SN: Operating between Southway and Belliver given service number 57 effective from 31-Jan-2011. To amend Timetable.
I have now added the current timetable to my Plymothian Transit Extra page for the 57 :
There have been two variations registered for this service. One back in November was from 10th January 2011 and then this one from the 31st. I am not sure if there was a separate timetable between the 10th and the 30th though.
I believe the change has been the extension of the service into Glenholt to replace in part the withdrawn Northern Connect Taxibus service.

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