05 February 2011

Rapid Feedback Response

Thank you for the feedback we have made some changes to the form to make it quicker and easier to fill out, including the removal of almost all the must complete fields. We would very much welcome further feedback on this new service....

Its good to see Citybus responding quickly to feedback on their new personal planner service. If you go the planner page you now see the same form but with a lot less red asterisks denoting fields you have to complete. Now you only need to enter name, postcode and email address as a minimum.
I did try the service and received back a friendly email giving me the details I asked for. Nice and prompt on Monday morning.
It is a basic service but its a useful one and the personal touch will be a welcome feature for many passengers who don't like wading through timetables. I have more to say on this but time has run out for now...

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    CITYBUS THURS 3 FEB This afternoon Plymouth Citybus will be saying goodbye to an inspector who recently passed away He had over 30 years of service with the Company and was a well liked and respected individual Many drivers will be wearing black ties and at 3 PM drivers will stop their bus for a few moments as a mark of respect. We hope that this will not delay your journey unduly and that you understand the reasons behind it. Thank you
    CITYBUS 3 FEB: Due to a suspicious package outside of St Levan's Gate the Police have closed the road to all traffic. Buses cannot operate along Saltash Road and Keyham Road Service 26 will divert via Milehouse and Stoke in both directions until the road re-opens. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause
    FIRST PLYMOUTH Fri 4 Feb: major accident at Sugar Mill (near The Range) causing big queues as far back as the Embankment - Police have closed Laira Bridge. Therefore there are delays to the 2, 6, 48 & 93 heading in and out of City towards Plymstock & delays to PR2, 12, X80 and 180 heading towards Plympton due to the queues on Embankment Rd. We apologise for any inconvenience caused due to circumstances beyond our control.
    CITYBUS 4 FEB Service 5 and 5A to Plymstock is restarting, but heavy delays are expected for several hours. Laira Bridge has been reopened by the police.

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