06 February 2011

Life After Plymouth L126YOD

Halifax Joint Committee ASDA Rider Free Bus Creative Commons licensed flickr photo shared by Dannys Bus Photos Another Citybus Dart that is enjoying a further lease of life elsehwre is L126YOD with Halifax Joint Committee where it is seen in a nice fresh Asda livery in November. The bus left Plymouth and was used in service in this blue advert livery for Dial-a-Cab. x Plymouth Citybus 126 L126YOD (WDN)
Sadly one Dart isnt going to gets its five minutes of fame this year as the planned transfer of a Citybus Dart to Southern Vectis is not now going ahead. A larger bus from elsewhere in the group is now up for that little number.

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  1. When driving past Plympton fire station the other day, I noticed there is now a dart parked just behind their wall, painted dark blue. From the glimps of the registration I saw it appears to be ex Citybus 125....Any idea if this is correct??

  2. yes - 125 is the bus in question. I am still trying to get a photo of it - or find someone else who has one!
    I believ it was with the police rather than the fire brigade but is kept there.


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