22 June 2009

July Five

"there are areas of Plymouth who will see quite a reduction in service ”

D Day

The 5th July 2009 sees quite a few changes to the bus network in Plymouth. Although much of the network remains pretty much the same, there are areas of Plymouth who will see quite a reduction in service with many connections lost, or at least requiring a change of buses. This post serves as a recap of the changes detailed in full over the past week (follow the More… link to the detailed post)  along with other changes announced for the same date.
4 City Centre - Keyham
Remains much the same but looses evening service on Sundays. More
6 City Centre - Goosewell
Day time service remains as before with First. Evenings it switches to Target Travel and reduced to hourly. More
First / Target
7D City Centre - Radford Park
Route transfers to Target Travel from Citybus. Looses last two evening runs. Mon - Sat only. More
10 City Centre - Derriford Hospital
Reduced to just 4 morning peak and 3 afternoon peak runs. In between these times Taxibus 226 covers some sections. More
12 12A Plympton Town Service
New commercial service by Citybus Monday to Saturdays to fill in some of the gaps left by service 19 which is now run peak time only by Target Travel. More
13 City Centre - Saltash Passage
Remains Saturday only but now operated by Plymouth Citybus. More
14 City Centre - Derriford Hospital
New route Monday to Saturdays by Target Travel. Designed to replace sections of 17, 26A and 39. More
City Centre - Kings Tamerton
City Centre - Kings Tamerton - Holly Park

Minor timetable change to 16 due to local road conditions.
New timetable (pdf)
18 City Centre - Elburton
Service transfers to Target Travel. Minor timetable changes (Starts later and ends earlier!) More
19 City Centre - Steer Park
Main day time service withdrawn (replaced in part by Citybus 12/ 12A) Just morning and afternoon peak runs Monday to Friday only More
20 Railway Station - City Centre - Plympton
There are changes in the route and timetable. Most buses now extend to the Railway Station. Evening service on 20 now provided commercially by Citybus to replace the 20A which is withdrawn. More  new Timetable (pdf)
21 X21 51 City Centre - Plympton
One additional journey on the X21 Monday - Friday. All X21s now withdrawn from Greenwood Park Road. Timetable pdf
22 City Centre - Plympton
Minor timetable changes. Timetable pdf
23 24 City Centre - Mount Gould
Due to strong growth the evening services are now operated without support from the council. There are concerns about parking along the route and First tickets are no longer accepted.
25 City Centre- Barbican - West Hoe
One of the few services to see an increase in service! Daytime route up to 3 an hour. Concerns remain about parking. Service will be with step entrance buses to start with but they hope to allocate low floor buses as soon as they are able. Timetable
26A City Centre - Devonport - West Park
Service withdrawn. Part replaced by Target Travel 14
29 City Centre - St Budeaux - Derriford Hospital
Minor timetable changes Timetable
34 City Centre - Stonehouse - Stoke - Derriford Hospital
Evening services retimed. Timetable
39 39A City Centre - Hartley Vale - Manadon Park - Crownhill
Service 39 sees quite a few changes. The old service has been split up with the Derriford and Looseleigh section now covered by the 14 and the Southway section covered by Taxibus 227. The remaining route is now spilt into 39 and 39A routes each run hourly Monday to Fridays. On Saturdays just the 39 runs although here are a couple of extra runs late afternoon. More
42 42A City Centre - Tamerton Foliot
Evening service withdrawn. Buses also withdrawn from Plymouth International Business Park. A couple extra peak time runs added to the timetable. Timetable
43 City Centre - St Budeaux - Ernesettle
Minor timetable changes to a few journeys. Timetable
44B 44C City Centre - Transit Way
SERVICE WITHDRAWN. Covered in part by 39 and 226
57 Widewell - Southway - Glenholt - Belliver
SERVICE WITHDRAWN. Covered in part by 227
60 60A Derriford Hospital - The George - Broadley Park
New commercial service (?) by Target Travel. Provides a Park and Ride link for Derriford Hospital More
224 X56 Crownhill - Derriford - Estover - The George
Peak time journeys run by Target Travel as X56 are withdrawn and replaced by normal 224 Taxibuses.
225 X57 Replaced by new Target Travel 60 60A services Taxifast
226 Estover - Whitleigh
New Monday to Friday off peak Taxibus service. Part replaces 10 and 44B. More
227 Southway - Belliver
New Monday - Friday off peak Taxibus service. Part replaces 39 and 57. More

Tomorrow I will add a few more thoughts of my own, along with some note on how the operators are presenting the changes.

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