22 June 2009

Topless in Plymouth

"Bracing was the right word for it”

dbg Elsewhere...


Do you measure up?

Local History
The Bounty


Other photos of the buses on Flickr…
WJY758 August 76
WJY758 in York
WJY758 October 2008
WJY759 Plymouth

WJY760 Plymouth
WJY760 Golden Hinde
WJY760 Applebys


With all the heavy stuff going on at the moment a bit of light relief...
Plymouth City Transport WJY758 Plymouth City Transport WJY759 Plymouth City Transport WJY759 ©Syd Eade - used with permission.
Thanks to Syd for allowing me to use these great old shots from June 1975. Happy days - the Bovisand trip on an Atlantean was always a real treat with great views over Bovisand and Plymouth. Bracing was the right word for it! For me, Bovisand itself was always a disappointment, but the ride was a real treat.
WJY758, WJY759 and WJY760 operated in open top for for Plymouth City Transport.
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