13 June 2009

Cutbacks: 12 19 and 20






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Continuing our look at the re-tendered services after the cutbacks on the 5th July 2009

Service 12 Plympton Town Service

View Plymouth Bus Services: 12/A in a larger map
Service 12 and 12A are to be operated by Plymouth Citybus on a commercial basis from the 5th July 2009. The service will only operate Mondays to Saturdays day time. no evening service. This is to partially replace the day time service 19. Evenings will be operated as service 19 by Target Travel (see below) Bus-12

Service 19 City Centre - Chaddlewood  

View Plymouth Bus Services: 19 in a larger map
Service 19 is operated peak times, Monday to Friday only, by Target Travel. The day time service covered by Citybus 12. Bus-19

Service 20 City Centre - Plympton  

View Plymouth Bus Services 20 in a larger map
Service 20 there is to be a change of route for daytime services with some changes to times. Service 20 will no longer operate to the City centre via North Road East. Instead the service is to operate via Charles Street to Royal Parade with most journeys extended to start and terminate Rail Station Forecourt via operating Western Approach. Funding for the Service 20A has been withdrawn therefore from the 5th July evening Service 20A Monday to Saturday is to be replaced with Service 20. Daytime Sunday and Bank Holiday service 20A replaced with Service 20. Evening Sunday services are to be withdrawn. We are confident that the changes to the service 20 will see increased passenger use. It won’t be enough to cover the loss of funding for the Service 20A hence the changes being made, and the loss of services to Steer Park. Commercial operation by Plymouth Citybus. Full timetables are available on the Plymouth Citybus Website HERE (pdf)

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