08 June 2009



It will be very interesting to watch the local news over the coming week

View Plymouth Bus Service Cuts July 2009 in a larger map
If you live on one of the routes detailed above you may soon notice a reduction in your bus service. Plymouth City Council have retendered all their supported services in order to save some £200,000 and there are some big cuts to some areas. I have roughly mapped the routes which are most effected as they stand at the moment.

The changes are as follows
(FDC First, TT Target Travel, PCB Citybus, Taxibus Taxifast)

Service 4 No Sunday or Bank Holiday evening service. FDC

Service 6 hourly evening service Monday to Saturday TT

Service 7D reduced timetable TT

Service 10 Revised timetable. TT Off peak service Eggbuckland to DH by Taxifast

Service 13 Saturdays to PCB

Service 16B as now PCB*

Service 17 combined with 26A timetable and some route changes. TT

Service 18 reduced timetable less journeys. TT

Service 19A peak hours by TT Off peak by PCB commercially as service 12 a local town service in Plympton only

Service 20/A No service to Steer Park evenings and Sunday PCB

Service 23 Evenings commercial operation by PCB*

Service 25 Slight timetable revision Commercial by PCB*

Service 26A withdrawal of part route TT

Service 28B as now PCB*

Service 31 as now PCB*

Service 39 Split - operating as three separate routes TT and Taxifast

Service 42 as now PCB*

Service 42A withdrawn

Service 44B withdrawn replaced in sections by other services. TT Taxifast

Service 44C withdrawn

Service 57 withdrawn. Partial replacement by taxi bus. TT Taxifast.
* these routes are not mapped as there is no major change.

I will refrain from comment for now, but will be coming back to this in the week ahead. It will be very interesting to watch the local news over the coming week as I feel we will be hearing from a lot of angry passengers who will see the planned spend of nearly £1 million to value Plymouth Citybus prior to any sale, against a lot of inconvenience for many and even loss of service for some. Watch this space - its going to be a bumpy ride!
I guess the changes will start at the end of this month.

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