09 June 2009

A special visitor

"we only had it for a short time”

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One of my readers mentioned that he had seen a new Enviro out on the road the other day and wondered if I knew anything about it. Well I did and promised him I would be posting details, but it has been a longer wait than I had hoped due to everything else that is going on at the moment! Thanks to Brian George for these photos.
Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 Alexander Dennis Enviro 400
©Brian George
The bus in question is a brand new Alexander Dennis Enviro 400. Its stay was very brief: Unfortunately we only had it for a short time during which it did a trip around Southway and then the 20 route through Laira and Woodford to Plympton (27th May 2009). It is a prototype development model which has no Certificate of fitness and is unregistered. The Trident chassis has been redesigned to incorporate what ADL term a "reverse driveline", so that the transmission is on the opposite side to previous chassis. For those that are interested the chassis number is SFD18SBRC8GX34752 and the Alexander body number is 8418/1.
Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 Alexander Dennis Enviro 400
© Brian George

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