07 June 2009

Sunday best on Flickr: Go Tally Ho!


Sadly they have lost the exclamation mark

Sou’wester on Flickr
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Tally Ho OSR204R by Sou'wester (Flickr Stream)

Tally Ho! OSR204R ©Sou’wester

Back in the days when Tally Ho! deserved its exclamation mark! Although more famed for its large fleet of ex London Transport Bristol LH buses Tally Ho also had a few of these excellent long wheel based Bristol VRTs which came from Tayside originally who got rod of them quite early on in their working lives. They did occasionally venture into Plymouth and I did manage one ride on one of them - I only remember it for being extremely dirty and untidy, but it had come off a school run I seem to recall. Always a VR fan I loved these buses just because they were different, although ECW produced a much better looking bus. 

As for Tally Ho they do seem to be making an effort these days to smarten the fleet up and put forward a much more professional image than of late with a new, modern looking livery and newer low floor buses being added to the fleet. One of which will appear on this blog during the coming week as I came across it in Plymouth last week. Sadly they have lost the exclamation mark.

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