12 June 2009

Cutbacks: 10 and 226






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Continuing our look at the re-tendered services after the cutbacks on the 5th July 2009

Service 10 City Centre - Derriford  

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Quite a big change for the 10 which is going to be unpopular for some users I feel. The main service 10 remains with Target Travel but is severely cut back to 4 runs in the morning peak and 3 runs in the afternoon peak. It also looses the Saturday service completely. During the day there is a partial replacement in the form of Taxifast's Taxi-bus service 224 detailed below. Bus-10

Service 226 Estover - Whitleigh  

View Plymouth Bus Services:226 in a larger map
This is a brand new Taxibus service to be operated by TaxiFast. It is supposed to be a partial replacement for the off peak service 10 and part of service 44B. I will keep my thoughts on Taxi-buses in general for another post in the near future but I can see this being an unpopular move. It does open up a few new links though. I have a friend who now has a direct day time connection to Asda which she can see being very useful. However, with only 7 seats available an hour she only hopes that no one else on her estate notices! Bus226

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  1. you've hit the nail on the head there with regard to taxibuses, they are not viable because as soon as they cant afford to get popular or busy, because of seating capacity!


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