17 November 2010

Fancy a holiday?

First 32803 T803LLC
Nice to see FDC trying to promote their Truronian Holidays business as its a pretty rare, if not unique example of First still working in this market. I think most people expected the holidays side of the business to be quietly killed off after First acquired the company but here we are several years later and its still going and being promoted too.
After the delights of competitive open top services in Scarborough it was down into East Yorkshire Motor Services heartland for this third and final part of my Yorkshire tour, at least for now. Transport Illustrated
If your editor publishes this on the suggested date, I’ll be off up to London this morning for the UK Bus Awards. There are those who pooh-pooh the whole affair as a meaningless charade that no one cares about. That’s not so. Omnibuses
Today, after 5 and a half years of searching, I finally managed to catch up with BlueStar Dennis Trident 772 (T742JPO)! Although this is not necessarily big news to anyone else, I'm sure each photographer has their own much loved(!) nemesi buses, and 772 was one of mine! Southern England Bus Scene

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