19 November 2010

Passenger safety Month on First

Sometimes the simple ideas work best and this one from First does seem like it could prove useful for many passengers.
One of our initiatives is the Safe Journey Card. This is a neat idea. Many of our passengers have special needs which are difficult to detect - poor hearing, poor eyesight, lack of local knowledge, etc. But in the few seconds they have with the driver it can be difficult or embarrassing to have that discussion with the driver.

Just show the Safe Journey Card to the driver when you get on the bus with your pass or ticket.

Leon Daniels Blog for more info
download yours from First SafeJourney
This as anything does depend on the driver but I am sure in most cases it will work well. I have bnot seen anyhting from First locally on this yet but I guess / hope it will be promoted

Graham via email
because Plymouth needs an anorak or two


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