16 November 2010

PCTPG Update

Latest update from the Plymouth City Transport PreservationGroup:
Further to Mike's request for info on D127 LTA I have made contact however the vehicle is in Wales and off the road. It has been good to make contact as these vehicles are becoming less and less.
However the post on the 15th should have made ref to D128 LTA which was seen on a flatbed on 3/11/10. A check of scrapyards has so far brought no joy and this was seen in Exeter. So a new appeal if I may for info on D128 LTA.
Also one anonymous comment was from a reader who would like to see a dodge restored etc. Can I urge that reader to make contact with us, and anyone else who would like to see or become involved in returning a dodge to Pymouth. They dont necessarily have to be financially tied in but we will need donations to cover initial transport etc.
Any help welcome as well as new members
Chairman PCT PG

because Plymouth needs an anorak or two


1 comment:

  1. Hi I am interested in helping as I said preserving a Renault Dodge S56 is important.
    My email address is nicholasfurze@nhs.net



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