16 August 2010

Citybus Fleet Update part 5. 54 reg Darts

Its been a while since Part 4 of the Citybus fleet update series so better crack on...
January 2005 saw the last batch of Dennis Dart SLF with Alexander Pointer 2 B37F bodywork enter service with Citybus. Of course more Darts have arrived at Citybus (should be on the road very shortly) with more to follow later this year from Go-Ahead in London.
Plymouth Citybus 072 WA54JVV
72 WA54JVV 8 Feb 2010
Plymouth Citybus 073 WA54JVW
73 WA54JVW 27 Mar 2010
Plymouth Citybus 074 WA54JVX
74 WA54JVX 8 Feb 2010
Plymouth Citybus 075 WA54JVY
75 WA54JVY 23 Jan 2010
Plymouth Citybus 076 WA54JVZ
76 WA54JVZ 7 May 2010
Plymouth Citybus 077 WA54JWC
77 WA54JWC 3 Jul 2010
Plymouth Citybus 078 WA54JWD
77 WA54JWD 27 Feb 2010
Plymouth Citybus 079 WA54JWE
78 WA54JWE 8 Feb 2010
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