15 March 2010

Citybus Fleet Catch Up Part 2

Back on 29th January I started a series catching up with the current Citybus fleet, one batch at a time. I started with the first complete batch I had up-to-date photos for, which appropriately enough was fleet numbers 1-12. Since then I have taken lots of photos but have only just completed another full batch, so better late than never here is part two of the Citybus fleet update with Dennis Darts 60-66 WJ52GNY-GOK. It wont be too long to wait for the next batch as I have already got another batch ready to run with Plymouth Citybus 060 WJ52GNY
Plymouth Citybus 061 WJ52GNZ
Plymouth Citybus 062 WJ52GOA
Plymouth Citybus 063 WJ52GOC
Plymouth Citybus 064 WJ52GOE
Plymouth Citybus 065 WJ52GOH
Plymouth Citybus 066 WJ52GOK

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