29 January 2010

Citybus Fleet Catch up

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Now I have a camera again, one of my main aims is to get back on top with the current livery situation of the main bus fleets in Plymouth. Last weekend I managed over 100 decent quality photographs which I am still slowly sorting through and it was clear that my records were out of date. Today is the first part of a fleet update which will take place over the coming months as I get back on top of things: We start appropriately enough at number 1, or to be more precise Plymouth Citybus 1 - 12, N101-112UTT:
Plymouth Citybus 001 N101UTT Plymouth Citybus 002 N102UTT

Plymouth Citybus 003 N103UTT Plymouth Citybus 004 N104UTT

Plymouth Citybus 005 N105UTT Plymouth Citybus 007 N107UTT

Plymouth Citybus 008 N108UTT Plymouth Citybus 009 N109UTT

Plymouth Citybus 010 N110UTT Plymouth Citybus 012 N112UTT
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