17 August 2010

Yesterday seems so not so very far away

After yesterdays post focusing on the buses of 'today' I have to balance it with this great shot very much of 'yesterday'. In this case though yesterday was actually 28 years ago. When you put that it writing it seems like ages, but I remember scenes like this as if they were yesterday. Must be getting old! Western National 2112 EDV524D ©Jos Van Hemert. Bretonside July 1982
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Omnibuses: London Green Lines


  1. wow what a good shot, i always look at these for my dad! he was a driver late 70's early 80's at callington and plymouth, would be nice to see a photo of him at work!

  2. I am the driver stood on the single decker bus in this photo.
    I joined as a Conductor in April 1966 and left in October 1987.


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