20 October 2009

No life after Plymouth

"If I wasn't an anorak…”

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Two lovely Black eyes. (by alredbus) ©Alredbus. Two of the first (1960) batch of Plymouth Atlanteans TCO 521/523 await disposal after seemingly having been ever so slightly bruised.
It was too cold today to hang around and wait for my Taxibus home so I walked across to Derriford where I had a choice of transport home. A Citybus Dart on the 50 (boring) A First Wright Eclipse on the 15 (mmmm) or Volvo Citybus 174 on the 50. No contest really!

With the newer Volvo double deckers coming into service the chance to ride one of the older DDs will rapidly disappear. At least these buses will go on to see service elsewhere as Citybus have buyers lined up to take them. Clearly the Atlanteans above were not to be so lucky!

I must walk across to Derriford Hospital more often as there is usually a double decker working on the 50 which will probably give me my first chance to try a new Volvo DD at some stage soon. Quite why we get a DD I have never worked out as there is rarely anyone on it as, just like today, it often follows a standard 50 all the way into town. Most passengers preferring the newer Darts to the older double deckers. If I wasn't an anorak I probably would myself!

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  1. The school buses almost all operate duplicate journeys in the afternoon to assist reliability during the peak. They may not carry many but in the event of the service car running late then there is an option for our regular commuters. Plus it is better to use the bus to provide a service than to simply run back out of service to the depot.


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