21 October 2009

Good Bad and So So

"This does seem a bit of bad timing ”

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First the good news...

From Sunday 25 October First are also introducing a special offer on all ugobus services in Plymouth, where the FirstWeek Plymouth ticket is reduced to £5 for two weeks (until Saturday 7 November). To take make use of this special offer please purchase your £5 FirstWeek Plymouth ticket from your driver as from Sunday 25th October using the special coupon which can be downloaded from a link on their web site HERE
This is a good offer which I am sure will be popular especially as it is not restricted to the new Ugobus services like the previous weeks offer was.

Now the bad news...

Most fares on First services in Devon and Cornwall will change by 5p or 10p as from Sunday 25th October 2009.

This does seem a bit of bad timing with the new routes having just been launched. There is already a difference between Citybus and First in the city and this will just get a little bigger, until Citybus have their next increase at least. It will be interesting to see how the passenger loadings fare next week on the new routes when the normal fares kick in.

So so news....

I have seen a note tonight which suggests that yesterday was the last day in service for E215/6BTA the wonderful Volvo Citybus double deckers which have served Plymouth so well. It seems that they are being converted to open top, which if true, will at least mean they will last a while longer and wont just be scrapped just yet. First 38016 E216BTA (by didbygraham) E216BTA seen back in October 2006, it still looks pretty smart. One of these two is usually on the Estover school run which I see each morning as I leave for work. Shortly after this posting goes live I will see what has replaced it. I guess one of the K-LAE batch of Olympians which have been transferred from Bristol.

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  1. The Story On The Volvo Citybuses Is True

    I Have Been Told From A Cornwall Driver That E215 BTA Is Already In St Austell Depot Being Worked On,
    Will Try To Find Out What Is Happening With E216 BTA

  2. Both are indeed at St Austell depot but no work is being carried out, not yet anyway. These both now have the same plastic covered seats as per the D-GHY open toppers

  3. Sad to see these go, the only buses to rival the Lynxes in high speed, hold on tight teeth chattering thrills when they ran between Roborough and Yelverton..

  4. First D and C fares will Not be going up in Plymouth only the rest of Devon and Cornwall. First fares in Plymouth have dropped quite considerably in the last few weeks, to the same as Citybus.

  5. Thanks anon for the fares update., The web site is a bit vague to say the least "some fares on some routes..." I still thought the fares were higher than Citybus even on the new routes. Still, any decrease is welcome!

  6. First Fares Have Gone Uo.

    New Route Single /Return From Town To End Stop

    Adult Single £2.00 Adult Return £2.90

    Child Day Riders Have Also Gone Up From£2.20 To £2.40


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