13 January 2009

Cornwall: Good, Bad, and indifferent


A CORNISH BUS company has scooped two of the most prestigious awards in the business.

This is Cornwall
When you get a headline like that you can have a good guess at who they are talking about. Yes - its Western Greyhound again!
Summercourt-based Western Greyhound won the titles of Independent Operator of The Year at the UK Bus Awards as well as Medium Operator of the Year at the RouteOne Operator Excellence Awards.


Mark Howarth paid tribute to the team effort across the operation, stating: "I am delighted that the hard work of all Western Greyhound staff had been given such extensive recognition by the industry.



A DAMNING report by the Audit Commission (AC) has downgraded Cornwall Fire and Rescue Authority's performance from a "fair" rating to "poor".

The findings of the AC's independent Comprehensive Performance Assessment (CPA) examine the management of Cornwall's fire service and not the work of firefighters. This is Cornwall


Thanks to Terry Partridge I can bring you the new First livery scheme being applied to Truronians Private Hire fleet:

First 20416 WSV408
©Terry Partridge

I think the jury is still  out on this one!
Although, if I had hired a coach and ended up sitting on the back seats above the rear wheels I wouldn't be to thrilled about the view.


  1. First Essex (I think) got a fleet of brand new coaches in this scheme, and when it's dullness was commented on, it was said that this was only a temporary measure, and a new coach livery was being developed.. Seeing that it is just dealer white with a few vinyls stuck on, I can somewhat believe this.. (Hopefully)

    Funny how only one person has commented on the Western Greyhound story, but you can always depend on these "This is" sites to explode with negative comments when any bad news about bus companys is featured...

  2. Yup, First Essex received 5 high spec Volvo/Plaxtons for the X30 Stansted Airport - Chelmsford - Southend service, which are in this livery, albeit with "aircoach" branding applied also.

    Sister Cheetahs and B12M/Plaxton [the B12Ms ex-FEC] have been similarly outshoppped for X22 Stansted Airport - Colchester - University of Essex.

    At FEC, new DP-spec B9/Wright 'deckers are also in this scheme, with branding for X1 Gt Yarmouth - Norwich - Kings Lynn - Peterborough.

    Omnibuses has hinted at First's U.S. purchased 'Greyhound' brand being used for coach/interurban work. Wonder how that'd go down in Cornwall...


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