15 January 2009

Bretonside gets the hump

speed bump
©Terry Partridge
Thanks to Terry I can bring you this photograph of the latest “improvement” of Bretonside Bus Station.
Bretonside has improved quite a bit over the past year or so, although it is still far from ideal. The council know this and work is ongoing to try and sort out a replacement but I guess in the current climate a new bus station is a long way off.

This new ‘improvement’ though does surprise me. The big question that has to be asked here is simply “Why?”
Normally these bumps are traffic calming measures in that they help to slow the traffic down. If this was an open road then I could understand them being deployed here, however the entrance to the bus station is controlled by barriers so buses have to slow right down to enter anyway. This just seems to be an extra inconvenience for the bus companies and another irritant for passengers. At least from this photo it does not seem as severe as some bumps!


  1. i think its to stop the buses coming in to fast to the barrier they are know for being faulty anyway!
    just to comment on what you said about improvements in the bus station i would not call anything they have done improvements its just pathching over the problem the bus station is a disgrace to plymouth, just a plain old carpark would give a better impression then bretonside!
    the toilets should have been condemmed years ago and i'm suprised enviromental health have never commented on the state of them!
    well thats my rant over!

  2. The council have been spending money on BS and it does look better than it has for years. I think the council accept that it is an eyesore and does need replaceing urgently but anything they can do to help is worthwile, as it will be a while before any replacement gets agreed.
    Agree about the toilets though!


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