12 January 2009

Urban Tick

plymouth365_24h_sun from urbanTick on Vimeo.
Plymouth city centre is a very specific area. It has a very distinct character arising from the strong postwar design by Patrick Abercrombie. It has a truly mono functional use, it is a shopping centre in the most literal sense of the word possible. There are no offices, no restaurants, no pubs or bars, no housing, just shops and on the first or second floors storage space for the shops. Link
This is a line lifted from UrbanTick which is a personal blog from someone undergoing a PhD at UCL. As part of his work he has tracked his movements across the City of Plymouth and mapped them. A few of these are captured in video over 24 hours of all movements over 365 days. This particular video shows the movements by hours of daylight (winter).
The whole project is fascinating, and quite detailed and complicated so you really need to pop over to his blog UrbanTick to have a good read to make more sense of it all. You can see the beginning of some very useful tools for transport planning developing here.

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