27 October 2008

Citybus are talking to you

Well at least they will be if you are reading your bus tickets:

scan0002Its the little bit after "Issued subject to Citybus conditions"
that they are now beginning to use for publicity and general announcements. Timetable and fare changes will be the obvious ones I guess.

It has to be said that not many passengers are likely to notice as I don't suppose that many actually bother to look at their tickets, but as another way of getting attention even if it only attracts a few
scan0001readers then it has worked.

I am not sure if these will be just general notices that will appear on all tickets or if they can be targeted to certain routes, or even passengers which could be useful.

The message on this ticket to the left is one that will be welcomed by many passengers!

As a certain supermarket would say:
Every Little helps!

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