28 October 2008


Penguin Food
If you ever visit my penguin Food blog you will recognise the style of image above and also my opinions on the current political leaders. I do usually keep them very separate from Plymothian Transit but sometimes there is a crossover.
Ten years of government transport policy has been dismissed as "a big disappointment" by a team of academics from Glasgow and Plymouth universities


The new book from the academics outlines the areas in which they say the government has failed:


• Traffic congestion is worse than a decade ago

• The investment needs of the railways have been almost completely ignored, in particular to increase capacity

• Bus services in most of the UK have remained poor, especially in comparison with European rivals

• Tram schemes have been abandoned, despite proving effective at getting motorists out of their cars

• Walking and cycling have been largely neglected

• The government is afraid of addressing the environmental impact of aviation

• Transport carbon emissions continue to rise.

Prof Shaw said: "Our detailed analysis of Labour's transport policies shows that they have been a big disappointment – at best a missed opportunity. It's a shame because the government came in with the right intentions but have done very little to promote meaningful change." More

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