17 June 2006

The wheels on the bus...

11:50 - 15 June 2006
The front wheel of a Plymouth Citybus fell off in Southway as the driver negotiated speed ramps. Citybus said the number 47, headed for the city centre, was travelling along Dunnet Road at about 10am yesterday when the accident happened.The vehicle was travelling uphill over speed ramps when it lost its front left wheel. No injuries were reported. The bus was to be inspected by a Citybus vehicle inspector today.

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  1. Six of one, half a dozen of the other. Those darts are really starting to show their age now, especially the orange PCFE ones that are sometimes used on the 47/A. However, having speed bumps on a hill like that causes a bit of strain to the suspension of most vehicles. I just find it ironic that this occurred the day before that bus was due for a maintainance check.


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