17 June 2006


11:50 - 16 June 2006
It is a motorbike more associated with outlaws like Hell's Angels, but now Plymouth police are driving around on Harley Davidsons.Devon and Cornwall Constabulary's new Harley Davidson is set to lead a procession of around 8,000 motorcyclists at the annual Plymouth Megaride on Sunday, June 18.The force is one of six in the country trialling the Harley Davidson Road King 1510cc motorbike. It is being used for traffic policing and to help promote road safety in the biking community. Full story here
I don't normally mention motorbikes here on Plymothian Transit but thought this is interesting. Also as it promotes the Megaride. The Megaride will see the bikers riding in convoy along the A38 from Lee Mill to the Hoe, raising cash for charity. I used to live in a flat down at Marsh Mills - and the sight and sound of thousands of motorbikes going past in convoy towards the City Centre has to be seen to be believed. I am sure they will raise a lot of money in this increasingly popular event. If you are free on Sunday then a visit to the Hoe - or better still get a good spot on the main road and watch (and hear) them coming in.

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