30 June 2006

We are being spoilt...

A few days ago I mentioned rumours that First Devon & Cornwall might not be getting new buses for the Park & Ride. Well, like many rumours, it seems that we are indeed getting new buses - and very high quality buses at that!
The Alexander dennis web site gives a run down on future orders for the Enviro 400 model and gives First Group as taking 9 buses, 10.8M long, 71 seats, 4 standees, for delivery December 2006. and I quote...

FirstGroup vehicles are to a very high specification to be operated by First
Devon & Cornwall on Park & Ride. Spec includes leather trimmed coach
seats, sophisticated passenger information system including 2 large TFT
screens in each saloon, 4 channel radio to each seat, air chill and
extraction and cab air conditioning)

I for one cant wait!

1 comment:

  1. So it's finally been confirmed. I'm definately looking forward to the new fleet arriving now :)


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