02 July 2006

A hot day on Royal Parade

Yesterday I cam across the smart Citybus recovery truck assisting in what I assumed to be a normal breakdown. It was only when I got behind the bus I realised it was a RTA - (Road Traffic Accident). From the relaxed attitude of everyone around I assume that no one was hurt. I can only guess at why the van hit the back of the bus which seems to have been sitting - or at least pulling into the bus stop - the van seems to have been in the bus lane at the time.
Foden recovery unit 901 ready to assist Citybus Dart 8
Front of the Dart is ready for the recovery truck.
The LDV van is imbedded into the Dart
The van and bus are pulled apart. I think the van has come off worse. The bus will be back on the road - I am doubt that the van will.


  1. I saw this crash yesterday too (the new terminology is RTC - Road Traffic Crash, there are no accidents these days(!)) and wondered how the van could not have seen the bus.

    PS, saw your blog on the Piazza big screen today and thought I'd pop along.

  2. Yeah I saw that from where I work (Peter Briggs). I'm wondering how exactly the van failed to spot the bus jutting out at an angle. Saying that though, Royal Parade is a bit of a mess at the moment so it was bound to happen. Due to so many buses cramming into so few stops on the eastbound side (A8 for 5/6/7/7A and A13 for 8/9/47 come to mind), I'm surprised this doesn't happen more often.

    I think one solution could be to move all services which go via Pennycomequick to the Westbound side, including the 13 and 16. Plus it might be good if A4 and A5 were actually put into regular use instead of just being a place for drivers to pull up and have a quick sandwich.


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