08 April 2024

Picture Trail 004 Festival Wrap

Picture Trail 003 was a Northern Counties bodied Volvo Olympian that started life in London as did PN02XCP Plymouth Citybus 409 an East Lancs bodied Volvo B7TL seen on Royal Parade June 2011 in a somewhat chaotic advertising wrap for Plymouth Summer festival and Plymouth Winter Festival.

Plymouth Citybus 409 PN02XCP

409 came to Citybus from London General (EVL30) in July 2009. She received this livery by June 2011. She left Citybus July 2017 to go All Saints Academy as an Art Studio returning to Milehouse in September 2019 for removal of any useful parts and then scrapping.

1 comment:

  1. I liked these buses, they were very powerful but it was the first semi new double deckers had since the late 80s.


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