07 April 2024

A mixed bag

The latest notices to come through are a pretty mixed bag:

Dealtop Ltd Dartline

A small batch of changes from next weekend

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
PH0005305.054 347 Cheriton Fitzpaine ( Half Moon Inn ) Cheriton Fitzpaine ( White Cross ) 15-Apr-2024 This service will now only operate on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays
PH0005305.061 347 Crediton Green White Cross 15-Apr-2024 Registration cancelled - continues under PH0005305/54
PH0005305.055 381 Taleford ( Taleford Close ) Taleford ( Taleford Close ) 15-Apr-2024 Timetable variation:
This service will now only operate on Thursdays
PH0005305.053 607 The Green (Crediton) The Green (Crediton) 15-Apr-2024 Timetable variation
This service will now only operate on Tuesdays.
PH0005305.057 CV003 Wards Cross, Broadclyst Broadclyst Primary School 15-Apr-2024 CANCELLED

First South West Ltd Buses of Somerset

The changes to the 22 are mostly within Somerset with just the X22 coming through to Tiverton

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
PH0004983.486 X22 22 22A 22B Taunton Wellington and Tiverton 14-Apr-2024 A new service (22B) will operate every two hours serving the Wellesley Park area of Wellington. It will operate as the 22 between Taunton and Wellington, Rockwell Green then will continue back along the Oldway Road to Swains Lane/Barn Meads Road.

Stagecoach Devon Ltd

I have broken these down into different batches:

These are all backdated changes for March, mostly the Torbay area. Its taking a while for these timetables to come through to Traveline

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
PH1020951.070 9 9A Exeter Bus Station Sidbury/Honiton/Seaton 10-Mar-2024 Route change - but no details published that I have found.  New timetables also in place from 14 April but no registration change from this date
PH1020951.022 17 17A Brixham, Bank Lane Furzeham, Copythorne Road 31-Mar-2024 Following a recent tender round with Torbay Council, there will be a new timetable introduced on Sunday and Public Holidays.

The new timetable will see an increase in the number of journeys, with 8 round trips per day provided. All journeys will follow the standard Service 17 timetable and there will no longer be any journeys operating the current Sunday and Public Holidays Service 17A route variation.

There are also some minor changes to the timetable to improve reliability and punctuality.
PH1020951.003 18 Brixham Kingswear 31-Mar-2024 A new timetable will be introduced on Sunday and Public Holidays, which will operate with financial support from Devon County Council.

The Sunday and Public Holiday timetable will be enhanced to provide 8 round trips per day, offering additional journey opportunities. There are also some minor changes to the timetable to improve reliability and punctuality.
PH1020951.426 60 Occombe Farm Hyde Road 31-Mar-2024 Following a recent tender round by Torbay Council, Stagecoach will commence operation of Service 60 between Paignton and Occombe Farm via Shorton from 1 April 2024.

Service 60 will operate hourly between 0900 and 1400 from Paignton and 0930 and 1430 from Occombe Farm on Monday to Friday only.
PH1020951.238 93 Kingsbridge Dartmouth 23-Mar-2024 Timetable to return to the Full Standard timetable following the completion of the road closure at Stoke Fleming.    The Shuttle bus, 93S, will also cease operation from this date.

Another couple have come through for next weekend. The 9 9A changes have not yet come through but there was a notice from 10th March (as above) so these may be mixed in with that change.

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
PH1020951.381 4 4A 4B 4C Plymouth City Centre Elburton 14-Apr-2024 Timing Changes are introduced each day to improve reliability and punctuality with some early morning and afternoon departure times amended.
To provide residents of the new housing development at Saltram Meadow access to bus services, the route of the services will change. From the City Centre, the current route will apply to Laira Bridge, with buses then operating via The Ride, Killerton Lane, Halecombe Road, Coscombe Circus, Ashbrook Street and Broxton Drive before joining the current route at Billacombe Road, with the opposite applying towards the City Centre.
Current bus stops at Sugar Mill, Rock Gardens and Morley Arms will no longer be served.
PH1020951.070 9 9A Exeter Bus Station Sidbury/Honiton/Seaton 14-Apr-2024 Timing changes are introduced Monday to Sunday to improve reliability and punctuality and to provide a more even spread of departures.

For operational reasons, there will be a change to the route within Exeter, with buses operating via Honiton Road Park and Ride and Moor Lane, as opposed to Sidmouth Road and Sowton Park and Ride. New bus stops will be provided on Moor Lane, to provide a number of new journey opportunities. Connections with the Falcon will be available at Honiton Road Park and Ride and passengers travelling to and from Sowton Park and Ride will be able to use Service Green.
A number of journeys are retimed and please check the new timetable carefully before travelling.
Monday to Friday journeys at 0650, 0830 and 1405 from Exeter to Sidmouth and at 0850 from Sidmouth to Exeter will be withdrawn. The 0730 journey from Sidmouth to Exeter is extended to start from Sidbury.

Finally we have a couple of annual event registrations for special services in May

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
PH1020951.387 9W Exeter St Davids Station Westpoint Arena 16-May-2024 Route and timetable variation. Annual event registration. Variation in route to serve Park & Ride site
PH1020951.357 HF2 Marsh Barton Station Exeter Sidwell Street 30-May-2024 To operate a service between Exeter Sidwell Street and Grace Road Central for the Hi-Jacked event at the Double Locks on Thursday 1st June 2023 and at a similar time each year when the event is held.

Relevant timetables for the above (where available):

OperatorRoute DescriptionStartEndLibrary
Stagecoach South West 4 Plymouth City Centre - Elburton - Pomphlett - Plymouth City Centre
4C Plymouth City Centre - Pomphlett - Plymouth City Centre
14/04/2024 T002998
Stagecoach South West 4A Hooe - Pomphlett - Plymouth City Centre
4B Elburton - Plymstock - Plymouth City Centre
14/04/2024 T003001
Stagecoach South West 9 Exeter - Sidmouth - Honiton
9A Exeter - Sidmouth - Seaton
10/03/2024 13/04/2024 T003028
Stagecoach South West 9 Exeter - Sidmouth - Honiton
9A Exeter - Sidmouth - Seaton
14/04/2024 T003013
Stagecoach South West 9W Exeter St Davids Stn - Westpoint 16/05/2024 17/05/2024 T003029
Stagecoach South West 18 Kingswear - Brixham 31/03/2024 T002924
Stagecoach South West 93 Kingsbridge - Torcross - Dartmouth 29/03/2024 T003018
Dartline 347 Cheriton Fitzpaine - Crediton Green 15/04/2024 T003031
Dartline 381 Ottery St Mary Town Service Circular  15/04/2024 T003032
Dartline 607 Crediton Town Service Circular 14/04/2024 T003033
Buses of Somerset X22 Taunton- Rockwell - Tiverton  14/04/2024 T003030

I will be putting a full list of the new timetables from new weekend later in the week.I think there may be one or two still to come through but hopefully we have most of them now


A new timetable and route change for the 4 group of services is the highlight for Plymouth at least. 37468 was on the 4A back on 26th March

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  1. 9/9A Exeter - The route change given for the 14th was actually the change from the 10th at very short notice - safety concerns around incidents at the arched railway bridge on Sidmouth Road. The old route is covered by the 58 and partly by Green, both single deckers.


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