12 February 2024

Simplified Fares for Citybus

Plymouth Citybus have announced fare changes:

First the good news. Plymouth Citybus are continuing to take part in the Governments ‘Help for Households’ £2 fare cap scheme, capping all single trips, anywhere on our network at just £2. Since the introduction 12 months ago, we have seen a huge increase in passengers buying single tickets, taking advantage of the government funded scheme. Over 80% people buying tickets on bus are now buying the £2 single ticket. For you, nothing changes.

We think it is now the right time to also cap returns at £4, meaning passengers will no longer have to buy two singles if they are traveling a longer distance, where the return fare was over £4. Doing this makes sure you are always getting the best value ticket. For us to do this some returns below £4 have will increase.

Plymouth Kid Add-On

For the sixth year running we are freezing the price of our ever popular ‘Kid Add-On’ at just £1.50, which helps hundreds of thousands of families each year.

Season Tickets

Tickets of one day and above will increase in price. This is only the third increase since 2019. There is no change to either Plymouth Schools tickets, or Plymouth Plus tickets.

Plymouth Day Tickets

Adults will increase to £6, Under 18’s to £4.50.

Bundles of 5-day tickets will be £24 Adult (£4.80 a day) and £18 Under 18’s (£3.60 a day).

Family day tickets will be reduced to £10, for up to 2 adults and up to 3 children.

Plymouth Week and Longer Tickets

Adults weekly tickets will increase to £24, Under 18’s to £18.

4 week and 13 week tickets will increase at the same rate as the weekly ticket.

‘Tap & Cap’

These changes make ‘Tap & Cap’ simpler to use and we hope in turn more people will use it.

Simply ‘tap on’ using your contactless payment method at the machine next to the driver and ‘tap off’ using the machine on the hand pole next to the exit.

One trip will be charged at max £2

Two trips will be charged at max £4

Three trips or above in one day will be capped at £6

Weekly travel will be capped at £24

Where to get info?

We understand that these changes to fares may raise questions, and we are here to assist you every step of the way. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer service team if you require any further information or assistance. Thank you for your continued support and understanding as we strive to enhance your travel experience with Plymouth Citybus.

Plymouth Citybus Fares Feb 2024

These new fares come in from Monday 19th February. For most people these will make no real difference and make city fares nice and easy to understand while the £2 fare cap is in place.


  1. What we need is a national ticket that people can buy and use on any bus company anywhere in the UK, just like the free pass for OAPs. The technology is there so come on the bus industry let's get something sorted

  2. Not when every journey is £2 flat fare across England we don’t.

    1. It's coming to an end though, probably in June for stagecoach customers if they can't negotiate a better deal with the government

  3. Stagecoach tickets are so complicated, you can't buy a ticket to use over several Stagecoach companies which are all joined together, you have to buy different dayriders or megariders for each separate Stagecoach company, surely they could do a national ticket

  4. Joining Stagecoach companies, Stagecoach Midlands, Stagecoach East, Stagecoach Oxfordshire, Stagecoach West which serves Bristol where you get The Falcon which is Stagecoach Southwest, and there isn't a ticket you can buy to use on them all

    1. The Falcon is only run by Stagecoach vehicles, it is owned by Scottish Citylink since Stagecoach sold Megabus to them before they got bought out

    2. The Falcon is now Megabus

    3. You can buy a Falcon Megarider and use it on all Stagecoach Southwest buses

  5. Many years ago with the National bus company you could buy a Wayfarer ticket and travel all over the country with it

    1. National Wanderbus around late 70s / early 80s, marketed by printed publicity (now there's a thought!)

    2. So are there now no single Citybus (or Stagecoach for that matter) fares under £2 for a short hop such as the station to Royal Parade Graham? If so then two singles would still be cheaper surely?

    3. There are returns on SC under £4 though. Quite a few £3.50 returns are available on routes 1/1a and 2/2a

    4. Also £3.50 return on the entire Stagecoach 30/31 route.

  6. Skippers have also increased

    1. Just hope Stagecoach don't follow suit.


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