17 February 2024


After a period with very little activity we are now starting to get a few more service changes coming through. This first batch are all based around roadworks with temporary diversions.

Plymouth Citybus

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
PH0000135.095 20 20A 20B Ivybridge City Centre 05-Feb-2024 Variation to Route and timetable. Temporary timetable until 29 March 2024
PH0000135.166 11A Plymouth Padstow 29-Jan-2024 Vary Route and Timetable. New timetable for 11A from 29 January to 1st March.
PH0000135.163 73 73A Polperro Liskeard 30-Jan-2024 There will be a temporary timetable in place from 29th January to 28th March due to the road closure of the A387 between Sandplace and St Martins Hill.
Services will be diverted via Sandplace, Widegates, No Mans Land and St Martins Hill in both directions for the duration of the work.

The 73 does seem to have been beset with temporary road closures over the years that Citybus have been running the service!


 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
PH1020951.237 3 Plymouth Kingsbridge 12-Feb-2024 Vary Route and Timetable. Completion of the road closure at Modbury.
PH1020951.238 93 93S Kingsbridge Dartmouth 12-Feb-2024 Vary Route and timetable. Due to road closure at Stoke Fleming, and  Modbury re-opened.

The Modbury road closure was originally penned to last until the end of March

As well as these we are now starting to see the first planned changes for April in both Devon & Cornwall. I will cover these tomorrow.

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  1. “Royal William Parade”…….

  2. Modbury roadworks ended 2 days late, it's the only Stoke Fleming roadworks due to go on to end March.


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