12 November 2023

Coasting to an end

Its still very quiet but we have the first changes for 2024 coming through..

First South West Ltd Buses of Somerset

End of season cancellations for the Exmoor Explorer

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
PH0004983.607 Exmoor Coaster Watchet Lynmouth, Lyndale Car Park 27-Nov-2023 Cancelled (seasonal)
PH0004983.620 Exmoor Coaster Ilfracombe Harbour, Ropery Road Lynmouth, Lyndale Coach Park 27-Nov-2023 Cancelled (seasonal)

Stagecoach Devon Ltd

A Late revision notice for the 90 at the end of October along with a new service starting in January

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
PH1020951.241 90 Dartmouth Townstal 29-Oct-2023 Timetable variation Revision of timings to help with running the bus out from Plymouth Depot
Additional school day runs added
PH1020951.421 358 Otterton Exeter Bus Station 08-Jan-2024 Monday to FridayOne journey in each direction

Tally Ho! Coaches Ltd

Timetable change for the start of 2024

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
PH1081198.002 164 Totnes, Coronation Road Salcombe, Shadycombe Road 02-Jan-2024 Route and timetable variation


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  1. Hope you’re well Graham - is there a fleet update post planned? I believe theres been a lot of changes since the last fleet update. Cheers

  2. The time table on Traveline seems odd. Literally a slow coach?!! Or are they taking a route around all the houses

  3. That's for the new 358 service

  4. Updated fleet list of 13th Nov says 145 withdrawn, but it was in service on 14th Nov on route 35A this evening, 2200 off town

    1. You'll be better off using the Fleet list link at the bottom of the citybus website


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