13 August 2023

Three more but more to come

We continue to see notices for the September timetables, although not as many as I was expecting

First South West Ltd

Bit of an odd one as it covers the recent timetable change from the 24th July but also includes the new times from the 3rd September

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
PH0004983.501 U1 U1A Newquay Bus Station Truro Bus Station 24-Jul-2023 The service will remain split at Truro until the 1st October due to the ongoing roadworks on the A30.  Also, from the 3rd September on schooldays the 0720 Falmouth to Newquay journey will be retimed to 0700 and operate via Richard Lander School.  The 1420 Newquay departure will depart at 1415 on schooldays and will also call into Richard Lander school on its way to Truro

Stagecoach Devon Ltd

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
PH1020951.098 13D Kingsteignton South Devon College 03-Sep-2023 Route and timetable variation
Service 13/13C/13D will additionally serve the bus stop at Aldi on Wilkins Drive in both directions.
PH1020951.407 352 353 Tiverton Bus Station Tidcombe 03-Sep-2023 Following a recent tender award, Stagecoach will take over operation of the Tiverton town network from another operator, with only minor changes to the current timetables 

usual click through for full details, including timetables when they have been added.

Although its been very quiet this last week there are quite a few more changes that have been announced by the operators that have not appeared in the notices yet so I feel there will be a few more to come this week.

There are a lot to process over the coming weeks so watch this space. There will be a full run down of all the September changes nearer the time.

Old News

Railway Buildings

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